V Endorsement

The “V” Endorsement allows successful participants to work for hire or reward in the vehicle recovery service, which tows or recovers vehicles.  Our course is conducted as follows;

Day One:

Theory training covering Fatigue Management, and the use of Driver Logbooks. Individuals then complete a study guide and a written assessment. 8am – 4pm.

Day Two:

Theory training covering vehicle recovery, followed by a written assessment. 8am – 12noon


You need to:

  • Have held a FULL New Zealand Class 1 drivers licence (NO supervisor conditions) for 2 years
  • Overseas licences are not permitted, you'll need to convert to a NZ licence and have your overseas driving experience recognised
  • Driving assessment: - Individuals are required to pass the Class 1 Full Licence Practical Driving Test at the VTNZ, unless you have completed the Practical Test within the last 5 years ( this needs to be passed in a car)
  • Have completed a medical (your doctors’ usual fees will apply), and present it within 60 days of obtaining the medical or have lodged a medical with the NZTA within the last 5 years
  • Make an application for your V endorsement at an NZTA agent i.e. AA, VTNZ or VINZ using the DL20B application form:

This will start the process including the gaining of a police check.  If you have spent more than 12 months outside of NZ at any time you may need to gain a police and traffic report from the country(s) you have been in, and arrange to have this sent to NZTA in New Zealand (details are in NZTA Factsheet 46 for this).

  • All students are required to bring their National Student Number (NSN) with them to the course.  If you do not know the number you can contact the NZQA prior to attending the course, call 0800 697 296 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.  Or contact them via their website New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and use the chat bot.

    If you haven't done a course in NZ you won't have a NSN, we will apply for one for you.  If you are having problems getting your NSN we can help you.


$620 + GST (2 day course)

$320 + GST (1 day course) You must provide evidence of completing 24089 (Fatigue Management & Log Book)


8am – 4pm each day, or until assessment is completed.


Successful individuals will receive a NZTA Endorsement Certificate, which they need to present to a AA, VTNZ or VINZ, in order to receive their V Endorsement.

(fee: from $198.90 see NZTA website for details)

NZQA Unit Standards:

This course covers the following NZQA Unit Standards;

Course Details
17580:Demonstrate knowledge of driver requirements for Endorsement V (Vehicle Recovery), (Level 3, credits 2)
24089:Demonstrate knowledge of fatigue management, Work Time, and Driver Logbook requirements. (Level 3, credits 5)

All NZQA credits are forwarded to NZQA for registration, once the course has been completed successfully.

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