Overseas Licence Conversion

If you’re converting an overseas truck licence (New Zealand classes 2-5), you’ll have to pass a theory test for the highest class that you are eligible for.

If your overseas licence is from an exempt country and you’ve held your overseas licence for more than two years, you won’t have to sit a practical driving test,

There are 16 countries that are exempt, (as of the time of writing this) see the NZTA website for the list.

If your overseas licence is from a non exempt country , once you've passed the theory test, you'll be issued a New Zealand driver licence with a supervisor condition.  There are 2 ways to remove this condition from your licence.

Either pass a practical driving test at an approved testing agent (no matter how long you have held your overseas licence).

Or you can complete an approved course for your highest class of licence that you have been issued.  This is generally the preferred method for companies as you will also learn about your obligations surrounding Log Books.

We run class 2 courses regularly click book now to enroll.  For class 4 & 5 contact us, we don't have set dates for these courses as they are booked based on instructor availability at the time of enquiry.