R T W Endorsement

Courses run regularly, call us for the next course date.

Clients who wish to gain their R, T or W Licence Endorsement, can do so by attending one of our courses, (Must hold a minimum of a FULL Class 1 Licence to gain the endorsement(s).
This is a 4 hour course, depending on previous operation experience. The course consists of;

Theory Presentation:

  • Description of Special-Type Vehicles,
  • Legal Requirements for Special-Type Vehicles,
  • Vehicle Pre-Start Checks,
  • Maneuvering and Operating a Special-Type Vehicle,
  • Hazard Recognition and Site Safety, and
  • Parking and Securing the Special-Type Vehicle

Written Assessment:

Individuals are required to correctly answer all questions relating to the vehicle they are gaining their endorsement for. This is a NZTA / NZQA assessment, and will be conducted at the end of the theory presentation.

Practical Operating Assessment:

This involves a driving / operation test conducted in the workplace, whereby the individual is required to display their ability to competently operate and maneuver the vehicle. This could include the use of the bucket / blade etc; during the assessment.


$370 + GST. ( R, T & W Endorsement)

Single Endorsement $210 + GST


8am – 1pm, or until assessments are completed based on previous experience.


Successful individuals will receive a NZTA Driver Licence certificate, which they need to present to a Licence Testing Agency, in order to receive their endorsement(s).

(Note: fee: $47 approx per endorsement.)

NZQA Unit Standards:

This course covers the following NZQA Unit Standards;

16701:Demonstrate knowledge and skills for driving on a road for Endorsement W (Wheels) Level 3, Credits 3
16702:Demonstrate knowledge and skills for driving on a road for Endorsement R (Rollers) Level 3, Credits 3
16703:Demonstrate knowledge and skills for driving on a road for Endorsement T (Tracks) Level 3, Credits 3

All credits are reported to NZQA for recording on your Record of Achievement, once the course has been completed successfully.

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