Forklift Operator Course

The course covers both the Operator (OSH/NZQA) qualification, as well as the ‘F’ License endorsement. Contents of the course include:

Theory Presentation:

  • Definitions and Legal Requirements,
  • Forklift Components,
  • Terminology,
  • Manoeuvring and Load Safety,
  • Safe Operating Procedures,
  • Driving on Public Roads (optional – ‘F’ endorsement)
  • Vehicle Maintenance,
  • Risk Management, and
  • Written Tests (Operator (OSH/NZQA) and/or (NZTA ‘F’ Endorsement)

Practical Training and Assessments:

  • Depending on individuals’ experience;
    This involves individual’s maneuvering a forklift through various obstacles, and both stacking and destacking a load from various heights. Each individual will be assessed against our Practical Assessment Marking Guide. This usually involves 2 – 3 hours, depending on individuals’ experience/ability.


The course is normally conducted within 1 full day, but can extend to 2 days for less experienced operators. (8am – 4pm).

Please note that there is recomended to “refresh” this course every 3 years to stay current.


All students are required to bring their National Student Number (NSN) with them to the course.  If you do not know the number you can contact the NZQA prior to attending the course, call 0800 697 296 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.  Or contact them via their website New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and use the chat bot.

If you haven't done a course in NZ you won't have a NSN, we will apply for one for you.  If you are having problems getting your NSN we can help you.


If doing the F Endorsement 

  • Have a full New Zealand Class 1 drivers licence (Overseas licences are not permitted)
  • Have a current Forklift Operators Certificate


$170 + GST – OSH course

$210 + GST – OSH course + Reach

$80 + GST  – ‘F’ Endorsement ONLY - Must meet "F" endorsement prerequisites

$220 + GST – OSH and ‘F’ Endorsement

$260 + GST – OSH + Reach and ‘F’ Endorsement


8am – 4pm each day, or until assessments are completed.


Successful individuals will receive our Operator certificate, and Operator Card,

If doing the "F" endorsement you will receive a NZTA certificate, which then needs to be submitted to a Licence Testing Agency, in order to receive the F endorsement on the Driver Licence. (Note: fee: $62.10)

NZQA Unit Standards:

This course covers the following NZQA Unit Standards;

Course Details
18496:Demonstrate knowledge and skills for driving a forklift on a Road, Level 3, Credits 2
10851:Operate a powered industrial lift truck fitted with forks Level 3, Credits 7

All credits are reported to NZQA for recording on your Record of Achievement, once the course has been completed successfully.

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