Driver Fatigue

A 3-4 hour seminar focusing on refreshing commercial drivers of their responsibilities towards work-time hours, fatigue, and the use of Driver Logbooks.

Combining a PowerPoint presentation, open discussions, and logbook scenario.


8am – 4pm each day, or until assessments are completed.

Venue and Equipment:

A suitable lecture room/meeting room/lunch room facility, and whiteboard.


$300 + GST.

The seminar should refresh drivers on fatigue management, the amount of worktime and rest time they are entitled to, and correctly compiling a Driver Logbook. The seminar covers the following topics;


  • Causes and Symptoms of fatigue
  • Effects of fatigue on driving
  • Managing the onset of fatigue
  • Company’s Policies and Procedures


  • Maximum Worktime hours
  • Minimum Rest periods

Compiling Driver Logbook

  • Legal Requirements
  • Security of Logbooks
  • Unavoidable Delays
  • Short Term Variations
  • Penalties

NZQA Unit Standards:

This course covers the following NZQA Unit Standards;

Course Details
24089:Demonstrate knowledge of fatigue management, Work Time, and Driver Logbook requirements. (Level 3, credits 5)

This seminar can be modified to meet clients’ particular needs

All NZQA credits are forwarded to NZQA for registration, once the course has been completed successfully.

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