We have several health & Safety courses…

OSH Forklift

Involves individuals manoeuvring a forklift through various obstacles and both stacking and de-stacking a load at various heights.

10851 Operate a powered industrial lift truck (forklift)

10852 Operate a powered industrial lift truck (PILT) fitted with attachments

Health & Safety

  • 1734 Managing stress, health and fatigue for driving
  • 17592 Identify the causes of back injury and methods to prevent back
  • 17594 Demonstrate knowledge of hearing conservation in the workplace
  • 17677 Demonstrate knowledge of safe night driving
  • 19522  Undertake Job Safety Analysis
  • 30265 Apply Health Safety Risk Assessment to a job role

EWP – Elevated Work Platform Courses

  • 23966 Describe types of EWP’s and legislative requirements for their use.
  • 23960 Assess the worksite, prepare and operate a Scissor lift EWP.
  • 23962 Assess the worksite, prepare and operate a self propelled boom lift EWP.

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