Dangerous Goods Endorsement

The Dangerous Goods Endorsement course meets the requirements of both NZQA and NZTA, and is a requirement for drivers who transport Dangerous Goods by road. This endorsement must be on a driver’s license. Our course is conducted in one day, normally taking 8 hours to complete, as follows;

FULL Course: (1st time DG Course)

Morning: (8am – 12pm)

  • Description and Responsibilities,
  • Classifications and Definitions,
  • Dangerous Goods in Limited Quantities,
  • Consumer Commodities and Small Packages,
  • Packaging,
  • Labeling and Marketing.

Afternoon (12:30pm – 4:00pm):

  • Documentation,
  • Segregation and Placarding,
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Transport procedures


  • You need to have a New Zealand drivers licence, (Overseas licences are not permitted)


$310 + GST.


8am – 4pm each day, or until assessments are completed.


Successful individuals will receive a NZTA certificate, which then need to produce to a Licence Testing Agency, in order to apply for a ‘D’ Endorsement. (Note: fee: $47 approx.)


This certificate must be presented to a Licensing Agency within 60 days of being issued.

NZQA Unit Standards:

This course covers the following NZQA Unit Standards;

16718:Demonstrate Knowledge of Law and Practice for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road. (Level 3, Credits 5)

All credits are reported to NZQA for recording on your Record of Achievement, once the course has been completed successfully.

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