Off-Road 4WD Vehicle

Off-Road 4WD Vehicle

This training is conducted to teach individuals how to safely drive their vehicle in an “off road” environment, so that they can carry out the tasks needed to be conducted. It is conducted in a safe environment, and each activity is explained, and demonstrated, before being practiced.
Contents of the course include:

Theory Presentation

  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Load Security
  • Vehicle Components
  • Off Road Driving Techniques
  • Safety

Practical Training

  • Vehicle Pre-Start Maintenance
  • Load Security checks
  • Off Road Driving
  • Basic Vehicle Recovery


  • Written and Practical assessments are conducted during the day. For unit standard only

The client needs to provide a room for the theory component of the training, as well as a light vehicle for the practical driving. A 4WD venue is required for the practical activities.

8am – 5am approximately.
Successful individuals receive our “company certificate” well as a wallet-size Operator Card.
NZQA Unit Standards:
This course covers the following NZQA Unit Standards;

Operate a light 4WD vehicle in off-road environments.

All NZQA credits are forwarded to NZQA for registration, once the course has been successfully completed.